Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cakes on the March!

During the month of March, it seems I've managed to get busy with several different cake recipes. Right now, I'm getting so far ahead on various blog posts that I figure I just need to combine all these into one entry, so here's the run-down...

Tres Leche Cake with Dulce de Leche Glaze

Back on the first Saturday night of March, when there were six of us around the dinner table, I also had a fun new dessert: dulce de leche tres leches cake. It's not as good as eggnog tres leches cake, but we all ate our entire slices, for sure.

Butter Pecan Pound Cake

On a warm but darkly cloudy Tuesday earlier in March, I ended up having a day at home because a principal I was to work with had a conflicting meeting to come up. I had a list of errands and tasks and didn't mind having those unanticipated hours, even though the to-do list was longer than the day was. One element of that day was to work up a dessert to follow the evening's meal, and it was my first trial of butter pecan pound cake.

Wow. What a delicious cake this turned out to be, and it got rave reviews after our dinner of chicken biriyani that night.

I was tickled enough with it that I could only wish to share it...thank goodness neighbors Deborah and Alaina were still up to receive some delivered to-go slices of this sweet treat!

French Yogurt Cake

Before reporting for a day of classroom observations with the assistant principals at Jackson Middle School back in early March, I used an early awakening that morning to make a French yogurt cake to take with me. I found it to be a perfect mid-morning snack, snuck in when the APs were pulled away briefly to deal with a couple of situations that seem so often the norm in the challenge of middle schools!

Not as dense as a pound cake loaf and with enough hints of lemon that it's not plain...while it kindly refuses to pretend that it is a lemon cake. You might oughta make this sometime.

Scotch Chocolate Cake

Back on St. Patrick's Day, when the house was full of some of the most usual suspects, over for dinner and a movie, I also scrounged together a dessert: scotch chocolate cake, also known as Texas sheet cake. I haven't made this since November of 2015, so I reckon it was overdue. It was also over-scrumptious.

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