Why Are the Meals Numbered?

It might jump out at newer visitors fairly quickly that all of the meal-related entries on the Roediger House blog are numbered:

If you're wondering what that numbering means or where it comes from, this page tells the story. Because the blog was started to chronicle the first major renovation and addition project on the house, back in 2008, it seemed noteworthy when the first meal in the new kitchen was made. I wrote a blog post about "The First Meal," back in late May of 2009. Then I blogged about the second meal, and then the third, and pretty soon it became a habit to number each successive meal.

As of the time of this writing, I was getting within striking distance of the 2,000th meal over an eight-year period. Because I can't quite let go of the OCD compulsion to blog daily, I reckon meals will continue to feature prominently in this.

By the way, it does end up being a very helpful chronicle and record for me, especially once I'd begun trying to list the sources of each recipe I used. It also becomes amusing to look back and see how long it's been since I made such-and-such meal, or how many times certain things have been made.

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