Monday, October 21, 2019

Tillers Owned: 2. Tillers Stolen: 2

When I took Sumner out for his morning routine yesterday, I took note of what was missing at the back side of the driveway: my gas tiller. For the last several months, it's been sitting in front of that mysterious toy car (that itself showed up out of the blue back in 2008). They left me the black plastic cover, perhaps because of what bad shape it was in.

This is the second tiller I've owned and now it's the second to be stolen, just past three years of owning it. (My first tiller lasted four years before someone stole it.) Unfortunately, the security cameras were not able to see far enough across the driveway for me to find out what happened to it, so I'll be making adjustments in their angles and views, for sure.

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