Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Can See (More) Clearly, Now

Windows and doors were delivered this past Thursday, and Pete and the guys have started putting them in. There are still a couple of windows on order and Pete tells me the doors swing the wrong way and have to be sent back. The ones they've installed thus far look mighty good to me, though.

Make sure you notice as best you can the fine finished look of the roof over the kitchen eating nook was a pain in the rumpus for the guys but they ended up with a great result.

They finished out this week by starting to do the trim around them to match up to the rest of the house. The first shot is looking at the south side of the addition, standing in the parking lot. From left to right, you are seeing the back hallway entry door, the window over the master bath tub area, the small high window in the master bath shower, and (on the right side) the bay of the master bathroom in the original part of the house. The second shot is, I suppose obviously, a close-up of the trim on the master tub window.

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