Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tiller Stealer

Back in the spring of 2012, I bought a tiller since I was finally ready to start giving the landscaping around the Roediger House some serious attention:

I definitely put it to good use for those first few years of active yard management. Then, in August of 2015, in between my travels, I came across a strange pile of clay and dirt on the front steps coming up from the street:

Soon thereafter, I happened to give this area in my side yard a double-take:

It is noteworthy for what is absent: that's where the tiller had been sitting for months, under a cover. Guess whoever took it just went down the front steps with it! The day after discovering this, I went around to the two downtown pawn shops but had no luck in finding it again. I reckon it could have gone anywhere. And since it happened when I was on the road and therefore I didn't discover it immediately, my outdoor security cameras had already begun taping over the footage on the DVR that would have clued me in to what happened.

That tiller has joined a wheelbarrow, an extension ladder, and a basketball goal that folks have helped themselves to from my yard!

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