Saturday, May 27, 2017

Classic Yellow Cake with Rich Chocolate Frosting (and Double Chocolate Liqueur Ice Cream!)

Last Sunday night, dessert happened: classic yellow cake with a delicious chocolate frosting. On the one other occasion I made this, I prepared it as a two-layer cake...and while it was good, the layers were a bit on the tall side. This time I made three separate layers and tried to watch out for the adjusted cooking time. In the end, it was made all the better because, well, frosting!

But what's cake without ice cream, I ask you?! So I also whipped up a batch of double chocolate liqueur ice cream to boot, and it's always so darned tasty.

"Classic Yellow Cake," by Robyn Stone. Found online at

"Super-Simple Chocolate Frosting," from King Arthur Flour. Posted 01/01/2010.

"Double Chocolate Liqueur Ice Cream," by Kita Roberts. From her Pass the Sushi blog.

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