Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Super Epic Rainbow Cake

Once again this fall, the time rolled around when I was drawn back to this delightfully fun but slightly hardcore undertaking of a super epic rainbow cake. My original plan was to serve it up in a great reveal for neighbors Alaina and Deborah for our planned dinner together last Saturday night. Alas, Deborah wasn't feeling well but I also had some complications with the Italian meringue buttercream and couldn't finish frosting it in time for dessert that night.

But when Amy was here for the Sunday night meal, we all dug into it heartily. And I made sure to share slices with Deborah and Alaina so that I wouldn't be guilty of cheating them.

"Say It With Cake: Super Epic Rainbow Cake," and "How To Make Italian Meringue Buttercream," from the Whisk Kid blog.

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