Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Meal No. 1521: Vegetable Plate and Southern Cornbread

After picking up the check for a dinner down at local favorite Mozelle's on Friday night, the Lloyds (the special weekend guests of the Roediger House) consented to my cooking some dinner this past Saturday night. My most typical meals almost always include meat, which John eschews, or seafood, which is not Pat's thing. But I'd also (for years!) wanted some night just to fix up a mess of side dishes and bake up some sweet Southern cornbread to go with it, and make it a vegetable plate night. This was perfect.

I scaled back my initial list and brought it down to five reasonably manageable items, doable in the 90 minutes I had once John and I completed our grocery run late Saturday afternoon. On the plate: sweet onion bake, zesty roasted broccoli, carrot ginger fondant, feta-stuffed sweet peppers, and golden sweet cornbread.

Forgotten in the fridge was a big batch of homemade applesauce I prepared late Saturday afternoon, though!

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"Zesty Roasted Broccoli," from Amie the Day-Dreamin' Optimist.

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Feta-Stuffed Peppers, first made for me by Sheryl Cohen of Los Angeles, CA.

Guidance for Homemade Applesauce from:

"Golden Sweet Cornbread," from bluegirl on

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