Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chapel Hill Night Lights

Back before Christmas, with the incentive of some folks who were new to the Roediger House coming over for a dinner party, I got motivated to hang up three prints from my Chapel Hill days in the pool table area in the recently-renovated attic.

Two of those framed prints are "Chapel Hill Night Lights" posters, made by my friend and fraternity brother Walt Boyle. They feature (mostly) matchbooks from a whole host of restaurants, bars, and other Chapel Hill attractions. He very kindly invited me to work with him on the second edition of it (the one on the right), which was a very cool experience. Walt is incredibly talented and he has a particular eye for design and detail. These are awesome keepsakes and I'm glad they now adorn either side of the main gable window looking out the rear of the attic space.

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