Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Meal No. 1579: Chicken Quesadillas

Much of this past Friday was spent futzing around with my's over four years old and had just become really buggy and bogged down and flat-out slow. I overcame my fears of cracking the case and actually replaced the hard drive as well as upgraded the RAM from 4 GB to 16 GB. I was proud of myself. But then that's all followed by reinstalling the operating system, repairing permissions, updating all software, and then restoring all files from the back-up...and then doing a whole new back-up (which took about 11 hours)...and then re-entering key product codes to reactivate some software licenses...and...and...and...

So supper could not be taxing and could not take much time. Fortunately, dear friends and neighbors Deborah and Alaina were understandably forgiving of the meal's simplicity: chicken quesadillas. We ate our fill (they were also forgiving that I'd burnt the shells a bit!) and still had some room for a fresh batch of cinnamon-chai oatmeal cookies later in the evening:

Preparation and cooking based on "Quesadillas for a Crowd," by Morgan Bolling. In Cook's Country, August/September 2015, p. 18.

"Fajita Seasoning Mix," from Adapted from "Fajita Seasoning Mix Recipe" on

Based on: "Caramel-Chai Oatmeal Cookies," in Cuisine at Home, September/October 2013, p. 47.

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