Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Meal No. 1567: Lamb & Multi-Mushroom Meat Loaf

The Friday night meal last weekend started with Caesar salad:

...continued with the Tupelo Honey Cafe's version of lamb and multi-mushroom meat loaf, along with mashed potatoes and buttered garden peas:

...and the late-night conclusion was a fresh hot batch of Caramel Popcorn Crunch cookies:

"Lamb and Multi-Mushroom Meat Loaf" (p. 150), in Tupelo Honey Cafe: Spirited Recipes from Asheville's New South Kitchen, by Elizabeth Sims with Chef Brian Sonoskus. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, 2011.

"Cap'n Crunch Cookies," found online at The Capitol Baker, with credit going to The Sugar Plum Blog for inspiration and the source of the adapted recipe.

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