Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meal No. 442: Butter Chicken

I reached for the Betty Crocker Indian Home Cooking cookbook again, and this time I turned to the tomato-cream sauce concoction known as Butter Chicken. It's in the vein of chicken tikka masala but is definitely different...and it's considerably simpler to put together. Still, I did have to track down some dried fenugreek leaves (m├ęthi), and I went ahead and bought (rather than made) some ghee clarified butter. Glad that Golden India has a market on one side of their restaurant.

And it was also really good, nestled on top of jasmine rice and with garlic naan and a tall cold glass of ice water on the side.

"Butter Chicken," in Betty Crocker's Indian Home Cooking, Wiley 2001, p. 105.

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