Monday, February 3, 2014

Rooftop HVAC Units for 751 W. Fourth

I continue to be entertained by the big construction project on the office building just north of the house. The fact that the bay windows of the eating nook in the kitchen look out at it keeps me distracted and, occasionally, mesmerized. I know I still haven't done an explanatory blog post yet on this sizable structure that will have a big impact on the immediate neighborhood, and I've tried to avoid posting much about it without having laid that groundwork first.

Nonetheless, one of my days at home during the third week of January started very early, and I took note of a large flatbed tractor-trailer vehicle idling on Fourth Street in the wee hours of the morning. Then, after sun-up, I noticed another one out the back door, up on the cleared lot above the house.

I kept looking out as the day progressed hoping to snag a shot or two of these rooftop HVAC units being lifted up onto the roof. Eh, my angle wasn't very good, though, from the house.

Later that same evening, I took note of this:

The leading local news station sure does enjoy setting up to report from the lot just above the house.

Turns out that they too were interested in some of the activity that day at the site and were using it for a story on doing construction in cold weather. I grabbed a couple of screen shots from the posted video of the story and also have a link to it below.

One of those screenshots gives us a better view of the crane lifting the HVAC unit up to the roof of the building:

The live report was posted later that evening to the website:

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