Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cracked Landing Bathroom

Come in the front door, and head to the stairs as though you want to reach the second floor. You'll go up four steps, then turn and go up around a dozen steps, and then there's a landing where you'll turn twice and go up four final steps to reach the second floor hallway. That landing when you've still got four steps to go is where the main bathroom for the upstairs is located. You can see the door that leads into it from the vantage point of that second floor hallway if you look at this picture.

It's the shower in this bathroom where I first noticed, probably all the way back in October, that the floor was beginning to separate from the wall:

When this crack in the grout first showed up, I chalked it up to an understandable outcome of settling and drying out of the new lumber used in the construction of the addition. But, as I'll probably talk about in some future blog update, the problem was not limited to this shower. Suffice it to say that cracks in the corner grout and floor separation showed up in all of the showers.

Had you been with me on December 23rd, and watched me go around and examine every bathroom in the new construction, you could have also perhaps comforted me when I became physically ill after seeing how many cracks had occurred in the short half-year since the construction was substantially completed.

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