Wednesday, May 1, 2019

End-of-April Yard Update

This great old house sits on roughly a quarter acre at the northwest corner of the Holly Avenue Neighborhood. The plot is 120 feet wide and 100 feet deep. Even before I'd really started on landscaping it, I had my first load of topsoil delivered within the first couple of years I lived here, and many loads of it have followed. Unfortunately, because of busy schedules or weather or lack of initiative, some of those piles have been neglected and then were overtaken by vicious and nefarious reed roots and shoots so that I had to sift and sort each wheelbarrow load by hand. This spring, I decided to try just getting a half-yard or so at the time and bringing it home in the back of my pickup truck, in hopes I'd make better use of it and also save a little money.

Pope Sand & Gravel is my source for it and for mulch, and the latest delivery occurred last Friday.

Above, here at April's end, you can see that the gladiolus byzantinus have really gotten established on the north edge of the front yard. Also, the remaining azaleas are strutting their stuff...

...and the first of my two established rhododendrons is sporting glorious blooms, with the other one lagging just a bit behind.

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