Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Deep Winter Arrives

I've certainly managed to bitch and moan a lot thus far this winter about, well, winter. But we didn't really get our first true deep freeze until Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Sunday was moderate but with steady heavy winds and gusts that were just east of ridiculous, so the wind chill maintained a cruel dose of unpleasantness. As you can see from the above weather graphic, the drop in temps from a mid-50s high down into the teens was the dramatic turn of events.

Sure enough, by Monday morning, it was 13°F according to the home temperature monitor under the front porch. Officially, it was 14°F at the airport, but with wind chills that gave us a "Real Feel" of 5°F. You'd've thought I'd insist on having an all-day fire since I was at home for the holiday, but it didn't quite happen.

But you'd better believe I broke out Grandmother's amazing quilt, with my parents' 1947 wedding date embroidered into it. I'm counting down the days till Spring.

At least I had comforting company that chilly morning!

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