Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Surveying the Damage of the Surveyors

The gravel lot that is immediately north of the back end of the house (foreground/lower left of photo above) is part of the parcel of land that will be developed in the next few years by the same folks who built 751 West Fourth, just across the street (as shown above). A while back, they had it surveyed and staked.

But for some odd reason, even though they were working in an undeveloped gravel lot, the surveyors thought it necessary to toss their dug-up clay and gravel over the retaining wall into my back and side yard:

So now, after a solid seven years of pretty good drainage from the backyard around to the drainpipes along the north side of the house, there is now a back-up and standing water whenever we get a good bit of rain:

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