Sunday, August 14, 2016

President Clinton's Favorite Lemon Chess Pie

After the end of Bill Clinton's presidency, I came across a recipe that purported to be Mr. Clinton's favorite for lemon chess pie. It was all part of the fundraising efforts for the Clinton Presidential Library, if memory serves. I did my part and was rewarded with a cookbook of recipes collected from Clinton associates, staffers, and family members....but a couple of nights ago I realized that the recipe I'd always used did not match the one published in the Clinton Library cookbook. Now I'm not sure where I got mine from...maybe a newspaper article at around that time?

Anyway: the recipe I've been using all these years has certainly been great, and I used it to make dessert this past Thursday night and it made happiness settle in multiple stomachs.

"Lemon Chess Pie," originally thought to be President Clinton's favorite version, but apparently it's not quite the same.

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