Monday, September 1, 2014

Meal No. 1074: Pork Medallions with Ginger Shiitake Soy Cream Sauce

Still behind on blogging recent meals, so even though this is a September 1st entry (and officially it's Labor Day), this meal occurred this past Saturday night. On the strength of this, I was then able to do a lot of moving of stuff, because almost the entire upstairs is going to undergo floor refininshing and the bedroom is going to begin its plaster restoration and repair. That's why the master bedroom is now in the front parlour:

But first I had to take down the 2013 Christmas tree:

"Pan-Seared Tuna with Ginger-Shiitake Cream Sauce," from The Bon Appétit Cookbook by Barbara Fairchild, 2006, p. 398-399.

"Company Mashed Potatoes," a Jones family favorite.

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