Thursday, February 25, 2016

Serious Storming and a Powerless RoHo

Quite a stormfront passed through Winston-Salem yesterday, taking the temperatures up as high as 70°F but also bringing torrential rains and serious straightline winds that wreaked havoc on trees and powerlines. This time, the Roediger House was unable to escape consequence, and power was lost around 1:30 pm.

Above is a rare sight indeed: a nighttime shot of the house with absolutely no lights on inside or out. But you might notice that the neighbors beyond are enjoying power: the outage here was localized to about 75 percent of this block, as well as around the corner along Fourth Street at least up to Foothills Brewery.

Power was restored around 3:30 pm on this afternoon, which was long enough without electricity that I pretty much tossed everything from the fridge and freezer. And that meant I was able to give the shelves and drawers an overdue cleaning.

And at the same time, I tried to make a new shopping list to replace what was lost. It seems to me it's a pretty ridiculous amount of stuff that I try to keep on hand.

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