Monday, August 24, 2015

The June Birds

Back in June, when I was enjoying a pleasant sit-for-a-spell on a lovely afternoon, I spent some time watching the activity of the birds, who were busy at the several feeders hanging in the small grove beside the house. At some point, I decided to get my telephoto lens and capture some of the action, including the following:

One of the items I brought home from my mother's estate was her outdoor concrete features, including two benches, two planters, and her beloved birdbath:

I have yet to properly place the benches and the planters, but I enjoyed watching the birdbath get put to good use a few days after the above pictures were shot:

Finally, I was working on plants on the far side of the driveway when I heard some ornithological commotion...and that signaled to me that the hawk was in the vicinity. I caught sight of him leaping down from the porch roof to the front yard, but all I had was my cellphone camera, so it's not as clear as I'd like. Still, as some of you are well aware, I love catching the hawk in action. Do you see him on the lawn, near the middle of this picture below?

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