Friday, January 11, 2019

Meal No. 2279: Sweet Pork Pan Nachos

Sweet Pork Pan Nachos are a recent addition to the Roediger House repertoire of meals, but they sure have quickly earned a place among the favorites. That's what I served up for the four of us when Mookie and Kristen were here last Tuesday night. With an easy mix of spices and a good long low and slow cook in the Crock-Pot in water and real sugar Pepsi, the meat comes out flavorful and succulent. There's a nice sauce that you make up at the end of that initial cook; that gets mixed with the pork after you shred it and then it cooks another couple of hours.

I turn to another recipe to guide me for making sheet pan nachos out of this delicious shredded pork, spreading tortilla chips in a pan and topping them with cheese, pork, corn, black beans, sour cream, onion, tomato, and then sour cream. It is a monstrosity of goodness that is meant to be indulged.

Shredded Pork based on "Cafe Rio Sweet Pork," from Holly of Life in the Lofthouse. [Published 30 October 2014] See also "Sweet Pork Nachos," from Holly as well. [Published 01 August 2017]

Sheet Pan Nachos based on "Loaded Sweet Pork Sheet Pan Nachos," from Elyse of Six Sisters Stuff. [Published 14 March 2018]

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