Sunday, March 4, 2018

Meal No. 2048: Boogaloo Wonderland Sandwiches

Friends who'd planned to come to dinner last night had to cancel, so I changed direction on my menu for the evening. It gave me license to try three new recipes, which was actually pretty fun. There were also some good lessons learned! The main feature for the Saturday night meal was a Detroit classic: Boogaloo Wonderland sandwiches.

It seemed fitting to have French fries alongside, although I had a bug in my ear to try homemade handcut fries.

And I also decided (what the heck!) to make homemade beer ketchup on top of it all. I was rather surprised and delighted with how tasty that ketchup turned out. I don't see myself doing that all that time, the way I've come to do with applesauce (I may never have storebought applesauce again). But it was a special treat for the dinner last night.

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