Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Meal No. 2025: Weeknight Rump Roast

Last Tuesday night was a gathering of six for hanging out and for dinner. I tried a new roast beef recipe, since I seldom make roast beef, and I'm reminded of why I don't often make roast beef. But it was decent enough, with homemade gravy and mashed potatoes and squash casserole.

There was a dusting of snow the previous night, enough to create travel hazards and slick roads and Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools were on a 2-hour delay. My work that day had to be canceled so I had more time to invest in shopping and putting this meal together.

It also means I had time to make a dessert: classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was really amazing.

"Round Roast Beef Bottom Perfection," by Tammy Kendall. From JustAPinch.com. [Published 19 May 2013]

"Squash Casserole," recipe from Margaret Holmes southern canned vegetables.

"Classic Yellow Cake," by Robyn Stone. Found online at addapinch.com.

"Super-Simple Chocolate Frosting," from King Arthur Flour. Posted 01/01/2010.

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