Friday, August 11, 2017

We Screamed for Weekend Ice Creams

When Maureen Moos and family were here the other weekend, they ran up to Mount Airy and over into Cana, Virginia, and came home with some terrific fresh sweet peaches. I put those to use last week in a new recipe for peach ice cream and then churned it in time to cool the tongue-sears from our spicy beef chili on Friday night. I do believe all eight comers sought out a second helping, and then there were two or three who went for a third serving. I take that as a promising positive sign.

I also managed to use up some over-ripe bananas last weekend, by roasting them with light brown sugar and then turning them into an ice cream all unto themselves. It's tasty, but not my thing, so I'm glad there were others around to enjoy it:

For me, though, I was content to have another bowl of the previous night's peach ice cream, all nice and set up after an overnight stint in the freezer:

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