Monday, August 7, 2017

The Roediger House: Backdrop for a WXII Live Report

When I took Sumner out at 6:30 last Thursday morning, I caught sight of a mobile news unit from local station WXII-12 up on the parking lot behind the house:

It turns out that Bethany Moore, one of the station's reporters, was doing a live segment with the city skyline behind her. It's kind of cool that the cameraman also captured the Roediger House in the shot.

This might be the third or fourth time I've chanced to spy WXII mobile reporting from up there...the last time being in connection with the construction of 751 West Fourth across the way from here. On another occasion, back in 2013, that lot was the setting for WGHP's evening live report (the station's Winston-Salem bureau is right around the corner from here, on Holly Avenue).

Here's what the house looked like from the front, once the sun began to appear beyond the city skyline:

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