Sunday, August 6, 2017

More Projects Completed!

Shower Doors Completed

Much earlier in the summer, Quality Glass Service was here to install three shower doors and a bathroom mirror, but only half the job got completed because of some broken tile. Mr. Todd Sink was called in to do a replacement of the inside tile of the shower entry in the main second floor bathroom...

and that was finished the last Friday in July:

Then, on August 1st, the Quality Glass fellows returned to install that last shower door and also to put up a new mirror over the vanity and basin in that bathroom. I still need to add some towel rods but I'm feeling pretty good about this bathroom now.

Van Gogh Guest Bedroom Furniture

Also on my list for this summer was refinishing the writing table in the Van Gogh guest bedroom. I've had it since I was in middle school and it went off to my dorm room at Carolina and has been with me ever since. I distinctly remember foolishly placing the hot ceramic microwave dish full of fresh-made oatmeal on it one of those college years, and there were plenty of other scuffs and watermarks and heat injuries. Kent Grubbs of Grubbs' Woodworks made it look fantastic:

He also fixed a kitchen table chair that had been broken.

The other addition to the Van Gogh bedroom is a hope chest at the end of the bed. Made in the late 1940s by Lane (headquartered in Alta Vista, VA), it certainly does seem to be an appropriate new item in that lovely guest room.

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ncnative said...

Time to open a bed and breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.