Friday, July 14, 2017

The Piano Is Now Playable

For those of you who have indulged in eBay, I'm not sure what your first auction item was. Mine was a baby grand piano, which I achieved the winning bid on in December 2003 a couple of months after I bought the Roediger House. It was shipped here from Colorado and arrived only slightly worse for the wear. It was installed in the south parlour and has been waiting patiently all these years to get tuned as well as repaired.

My burst of industrious energies this summer has led to quite a lot of long overdue activity, and that includes finding someone to tackle the piano job. Fortunately, there's Angie's List, and on it was the highly-recommended Michael Preston of McLeansville, NC.

He came in June to do some initial work and then took the keyboard and action frame with him back to his shop. He returned and completed his work on the final day of June, and I'm darned glad to have the piano in shape!

Although I was sad and disappointed that he'd missed one sticky key:

I've sent word to him about that and hope he'll be able to swing by when he has another job in the vicinity in order to fix it...

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