Thursday, July 6, 2017

Meal No. 1865: Slow-Roasted Boston Butt Pork Roast

The Fourth of July holiday called for something holiday-ish for mealtime, so I aimed for just short of pork barbecue, opting instead for the low-and-slow spice-rubbed roasting of the Boston Butt I'd grabbed at Publix a few days ago. With a fresh-made batch of Virginia Pruitt's Perfect Barbecue Sauce, rosemary-roasted baby Dutch potatoes, hot buttered peas, and more of my homemade applesauce, it was quite a feast. When the fireworks started up at the BB&T Ballpark following the Winston-Salem Dash game, I broke out the last of Monday night's red-white-and-blue velvet ice cream and we all reached for at least one more Doubletree chocolate chip cookie. This side of downtown was packed, by the way, with so many people coming to the fireworks! I've never seen a Spring Street traffic jam quite like that.

"Low and Slow Boston Butt Pork BBQ," by Chef Shapeweaver on

"Virginia Pruitt's Perfect Barbecue Sauce," by Fred Thompson of Grillin' with Gas. Recipe found on

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