Friday, June 9, 2017

Meal No. 1844: Pipetizer Casserole

"Amy," I said this past Monday when she came over early to catch up on shows, "What ought I to make for dinner?" She recommended either lamb meatloaf or a gooey casserole. The gooey casserole won out, once I'd had a chance to see what was available at the Lowe's Foods south of town. So for the happy crew, it was a heaping steaming portion of Pipetizer Casserole, even though Gern had soundly beaten me 6-1 at pool.

"Pipetizer Casserole" is an adaptation of "Tailgate Casserole," from The Big Book of Casseroles, by Maryana Vollstedt. San Francisco: Chronicle Books (2000), p. 120.

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