Saturday, February 25, 2017

Up Close and Personal Hawk

Man-o-man. Back on 04 February 2017, I drove up in the driveway and realized there was a hawk sitting right there on the south driveway wall. I was able to park, get out of my truck, sneak inside, and grab my camera and long lens to come out and see if I could score some decent shots.

Regular readers know that I dig my hawk sightings at the house, and this third recent "hawk report" blog entry is because of five different days in January and February that I was able to watch and record hawk visits. On that particular day, I watched him over the hood of my vehicle for quite a while, in spite of the chilly temps in the 40s, but I wanted to get some good action, if I could.

He flew across the driveway to the rear property wall, likely because he'd spotted one of my precious chipmunks back there. He was so intent on getting that prey that he had his back turned to me...and I was able to really sneak up on him, inching my way closer and closer each time I thought I could get away with it.

While he stood on that rotting rail tie and before he turned around, I reckon I got to within five or six feet of him.

And then I just snapped away and he seemed most unconcerned with me.

This went on for a while before he jumped down...and then I really think I was only a few feet away. It was amazing. I kept clicking!

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