Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Frightfully Early Spring

When I drove in Friday evening from a week of working with a lot of great educators in Virginia Beach, I was a bit shocked to find the Bradford pear had burst out in bloom:

The daffodils were still strutting their stuff but two other varieties of crocus had pushed up into colorful glory:

I think I've got some confused azaleas, because three of them have pushed out one or two blooms each:

And the ever red lorapetulum are sporting their bright spring redness all too early:

It was 74°F on Thursday (a new record) and 75°F on Friday. I think we've had four record high days thus far in February. A cold front came in last night and brought temps down again: it was 31.9°F on my Indoor/Outdoor temperature gauge when I finished up an early morning shower. Brrrrr.

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