Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow Storm to Start 2017!

For a highly welcome change, promises of snow (and a heaping of it!) did not end up empty, and overnight and through the morning, Winston-Salem got a pretty good winter blanket...somewhere around 6 or 7 inches, unofficially. And it was lovely.

I got out around 5:30 this morning and snapped photos of the house but also took a stroll east on Fourth Street all the way over to Main Street, to see Amy at her overnight shift at the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel.

When the sun broke through in early afternoon, the temps actually started dropping back into the mid-20s but it lit up the landscape awesomely.

Unfortunately, this rather nice snow event is due to be followed by a few days of single-digit lows overnight with daytime temps rising only into the 20s. Reckon this snow will stick with us for just a bit.

UPDATE: On Sunday, with the bright sunny skies in control of these single-digit morning temperatures, I dashed outside long enough to try to get some daytime photos, as shown below:

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