Saturday, January 21, 2017

Meal No. 1733: Annual Chili Gathering 2017

It is one of the traditions of the Roediger House to offer a night of chili goodness in the midst of January's winter vagaries. The occasion falls on the weekend of the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. Sometimes it's Monday night, sometimes it's Sunday night, and this year (thanks to various people's schedules) we had it on Saturday night.

Oh, and it was good yet again, made better with a batch of Granny Wilson's honey wheat cornbread. We had three chilis to choose from and sample: Amy brought a nice white chicken chili and I made both the standard beef chili as well as (ugh!) a vegetarian chili:

We also started off with a nice casserole dish of Swiss and bacon dip, too.

And the finisher? As I've said before: among all things holy and good, there is homemade vanilla ice cream. I use a recipe that I got from Barbara Matthews, and it is always a delicious treat.

"Swiss and Bacon Dip," from Rachael Ray. Available online at the Food Network website.

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"Granny Wilson's Cornbread," a recipe shared with me by Linda B. Dunlapof Winston-Salem, NC.

"Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream," using a recipe shared with me by Barbara Matthews of Winston-Salem, NC.

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