Sunday, December 18, 2016

Meal No. 1707: Baked Ziti

It is the Sunday before Christmas, and the weather pattern right now is classic December for North Carolina.  The screenshot of the forecast (above) captures what I mean. Look at those temp swings! Outside today, the winds were gusty but the sun was peeking through when I refilled bird feeders, and it was feeling almost balmy:

And did I take terrible and sadistic pleasure in noting the contrast in the weather my sister and her family are enduring in Rossville, Indiana? You betcha:

While the weather was in turmoil outside this morning, I repeatedly interrupted myself during my coffee time as I remembered various Christmas items and decorations that had been stored apart from the bulk of them, so that I could retrieve them and put them out. The last items to find their place were the stockings on mantle holder hooks that that same dear cold sister gave me:

Then, this evening at suppertime, the question for the table was: could the new saucy casserole I'd made compare to the rich cheesy goodness of the house special known as Pipetizer Casserole? The verdict for the crew was a most definite yes: baked ziti proved not only to be a fun new experiment for me, but also a winning menu item. It was really delicious.

"Baked Ziti with Italian Sausage," in Cuisine at Home, Issue 120 (November/December 2016), p. 28-29.

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