Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fall Carpentry Projects

With homeownership comes a never-ending task list, of course, and it's not surprising that living in a 111-year-old house creates even more needs to tackle. But in the last few weeks, three postponed items were finally checked off of the renovation and addition project (kitchen and bathrooms) that concluded in 2009.

In the "new" main bathroom on the second floor, often referred to as the landing bathroom (because its entrance is on the landing turn of the main staircase), there's a very narrow linen closet that was just a shell. Don't worry: I still managed to completely junk it up with all kinds of stuff. But it was in need of shelving, which Kenny Schrader took care of in mid-November.

Kenny also completed plywood flooring for the whole of the attic space over the kitchen, so I'm glad to have ample storage space up there now:

One other task he completed: the exterior ledge of the main rear window in the attic had largely rotted, which I think was allowing water to come in and pool on the ceiling drywall above the main landing bathroom sinks and counter. Kenny installed and caulked a new weatherproof stool on that window.

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