Monday, November 7, 2016

Meal No. 1673: Easy Creamy Swiss Baked Chicken Breasts

It was a cast of regulars on hand for a nearly-full supper table on Saturday night. Because I'd spent most of the day in the yard, I had to turn to a reasonably simple meal, and what jumped out at me when I headed to the grocery late afternoon was something with some on-sale chicken breasts. Well, easy is in the title of this recipe, although some people just call them Swiss baked chicken breasts.

I wanted to serve the dinner up earlier so that we could watch The Thing that night...alas, the huge chicken breasts took quite a while to reach the proper temperature, so it was still after 8 o'clock when we sat down to get our grub on.

"Easy Creamy Swiss Baked Chicken Breasts," a recipe shared with me by Cindy Coulson in 1997. Versions of the recipe can be found here and here.

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