Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016

Back in September, my original Clinton-Kaine yard sign was initially damaged and then stolen. So I replaced it but put the new sign at the front porch, where the security cameras would be likely to capture any subsequent mischief.

But I also thought: Damn it! I'll show you! And I got a 4' x 8' Clinton banner and put it on the railing of the upstairs balcony.

And that, in itself, had an unintended--but not unpleasant--consequence. People kept stopping here thinking it was the Hillary Clinton Winston-Salem headquarters. For the last several weeks, I bet I've talked to nearly two dozen people who saw all my signage and thought they were at the right place to canvass or make calls or pick up yard signs. The Roediger House is in the 300 block of North Spring, and the Hillary Clinton HQ was just up the street (with very little signage!) in the 500 block:

Just now, I've brought the dinner dishes down from the third floor entertainment space, where a crew of us are watching the returns nervously but hopefully. So much is at stake!

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