Friday, October 28, 2016

Vinca: Vanquishing, Not Vanishing

Back in 2012, when I finally got around to beginning the landscaping of the house (after living here for over eight years!!), I created small planting beds on either side of the front steps coming up from the street. My intention was for this to be where summer-long blooming annuals could keep it bright and colorful. This year, I went with a lovely collection of petunia varieties:

In that picture above, though, can you see what is leering over my petunias? While Vincas have been my choice for that area several years in a row, I know that each time I've purchased them, they've been in the garden center "Annuals" section.

I've since learned that they self-seed and come back each year. Initially I thought I was pulling up weeds when they'd first sprout; only later did I realize I was removing these hearty, colorful, drought-tolerant beauties.

I ended up letting the returning Vincas do their thing at will...which I have decided is not in my best interest.

They spread like mad, and they took over and were quite dominant. I think I'll control them more aggressively in the coming summer seasons.

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