Sunday, October 9, 2016

Post-Matthew Sunday in Winston-Salem

Because Winston-Salem is in the Northwest Piedmont of North Carolina, we were far enough inland to be relatively unscathed by Hurricane Matthew's invasion of our coast over the weekend. We got just over three inches of rain but the winds were never all that bad:

And as a nearly-lifelong resident of the Tar Heel State, I've seen many a day-after of hurricanes, and they are just stunningly gorgeous days, most of the time. I had to get out and snap a photo of the house on this fine morning:

Alas, back in my home county, south of Raleigh, they are facing a far different story, with ongoing flooding, power outages, boil-water orders, closed interstates, a major breached dam, and some roads washed out, like this one on the way out to my brother's house:

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