Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Meal No. 1632: Holiday Pork Roast

This past Friday night was a feast at the Roediger House, with six of us having a fantastic time for the evening. Dinner seemed well-suited to the special crew on hand: holiday stuffed pork roast, Delmonico potatoes, and traditional green bean casserole. We lingered at the table after dinner and talked and laughed. It was a fitting end to a hard-working week.

Friday was also the day I picked up a new pair of glasses, too:

"Holiday Stuffed Pork Roast," by Meghan Erwin, in Cook's Country, December/January 2009, p. 18.

"Delmonico Potatoes," by Diane Unger, in Cook's Country, December/January 2009, p. 13.

"Campbell's Classic Green Bean Casserole," from Campbell's Kitchen. Recipe available online.

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