Monday, August 22, 2016

Meal No. 1616: Baked Spaghetti for Slumber Party Night

On Saturday night, it was another slumber party at the Roediger House, with a crew of eight here for the dinner, dessert, and late-night shenanigans. For dinner, I reached back in the archives to a recipe that came to me through my dear friend Stick Coulson: baked spaghetti. This was a regular dish for meals with my family, either at home in Buies Creek or when we went to the beach in the summer.

I'm not sure any of this crew had had this; it has made limited appearances on the RoHo menu (twice in 2012 and twice in 2014). It was a mighty good dinner that night, though. And wait till you find out tomorrow what was served up for dessert...that blew us all away, I think. Stay tuned!

Update [11:41 a.m.]: The back bar beer cooler in the third floor man cave has been acting up and, in the last couple of weeks, has ceased to provide much cooling. For the slumber party night, I had to revert back to an ice-packed cooler to make sure cold beers were available. This morning, though, a technician from Quality Refrigeration Concepts has been here to get it up and running properly again. He's already replaced the fan motor but now we've got to figure out why it tends to freeze up so regularly.

"Baked Spaghetti," by Margaret Coalson via Stick Coulson, 13 July 1997.

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