Friday, August 19, 2016

Lemon Chess Pies - Again!

When I discovered a few days ago that the recipe in my personal recipe collection that purported to be President Clinton's "Favorite Lemon Chess Pie" did not match up to what was published in his Presidential Center Cookbook, I figured I'd better give the official version a try. Which actually meant I needed to make two pies, but I doubt that's going to result in any complaints around here.

Now that the taste test has been completed, the crew and I agree we like the previous version. I found this one to be too custardy--too eggy. But now I know!

"Lemon Chess Pie," credited to Shirley Sagawa. In The Clinton Presidential Center Cookbook: A Collection of Recipes from Family and Friends. The William J. Clinton Presidential Center, 2003, p. 204.

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