Sunday, July 10, 2016

Meal No. 1589: Coq au Vin

Once again, by reaching back in the archives, I found a recipe worth trying this past Wednesday night. And boy howdy, was it ever worth it. The meal that night was the classic French dish, coq au vin. This version of it isn't completely classic: I certainly didn't use a whole rooster, for instance. And one shortcut that didn't seem to hurt the final result was using skinless boneless chicken thighs, to save a bit of time.

Served over rice as a one-bowl dinner, it was quite something. It was a simple and small weeknight meal but I think this could be an impressive feast for guests some night!

"Modern Coq au Vin," by Sandra Wu. In Cook's Illustrated, Number Eighty-Three (November & December, 2006), p. 18-19.

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