Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hopeful About Hummingbirds

When I was out in the rural landscape in the Green Country of eastern Oklahoma last week, the hummingbirds were busy and numerous. At one point, as accurately as I could (given how fast they dart about), I counted 13 of them in the vicinity of the feeders on the front porch.

Downtown living doesn't lend itself to the preferences of hummingbirds, so I've never gotten around to putting up a feeder. I was been buzzed by one while working in the yard, a year or so ago. It's a Catch-22, though: if I don't put up a feeder, they won't have as much incentive to come 'round. But I've not put up a feeder because I never see them.

I was inspired by the marvel that they are and laid down four bucks at Wal-Mart so I could try out a feeder, and I put it up on Monday before heading out of town. I will be watching it with great anticipation!

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