Friday, June 17, 2016

Meal No. 1575: Linton Hopkins's Bucatini Carbonara

We had a strong heatwave going on in Winston-Salem this past weekend, with temps in the mid-90s and a pretty good dose of humidity. On Sunday afternoon, I minded it a bit less because there were really strong breezes, which is always preferable to the dead air of a July or August swelter. Still, I took advantage of pantry staples to avoid going out to the market when it came time to plan a dinner menu for four of us, and I think we were all happy with the result.

For our meal, it was Linton Hopkins's take on carbonara, made on that night with diced prosciutto instead of pancetta (and supplemented with some bacon), made silky smooth with egg yolks, and served over steaming bucatini.

There was also an awesome dessert, which will be featured in tomorrow's blog post.

"Bucatini Carbonara," by Linton Hopkins. In Food & Wine, July 2009.

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