Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Meal No. 1561: Tennessee Pulled Turkey Sandwiches

Thursday night was perfect for grilling, after I cut the grass and then enjoyed sitting out in front of the house watching the evening go by. I'd already made another batch of the smashed potato salad and also tried out making a slivered broccoli salad (the latter was really just so-so). Turns out it's not easy to find fresh boneless skinless turkey breasts around here, but I happened to pop into the Fresh Market on Robinhood, and lo and behold...

And thank goodness, because Tennessee pulled turkey sandwiches are the bomb. Full of flavor, tender, with a nice smoky taste, and the white barbecue sauce was the perfect complement to it. It was awesome also to have longtime Wake Forest friend Chris Burris here, too, after too long an absence.

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