Monday, May 23, 2016

Meal No. 1557: Chicken Francese

It was a chilly and misty Friday night in Winston-Salem, and with four at the table for dinner I piloted a new take on a dish I've made in some form or fashion a few times before. Officially, it's called Chicken Francese, although a pounded breaded cutlet cooked in wine and broth, with lemon and garlic and other seasonings, is pretty much what we're talking about here.


When my work travels provide me the good fortune to meet colleagues and friends Donna Whitley-Smith and Ebbie Linaburg at Sal's Bistro in Edinburg, Virginia, it's my standard dish, and it's always good. I'm not quite nailing down the exact restaurant-level result, but I don't think any of us left the table displeased.

The other key element of the evening was to try for only the second time to make rosemary peasant loaves. The dough came together nicely and rose beautifully through the afternoon. But once I divided and shaped them into individual rolls, their rise was much less encouraging. At dinner, they had great flavor, but they were dense. I always talk in blog entries like this about the need to do a lot more practice with yeast doughs and then I keep only doing it sporadically.

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