Sunday, April 10, 2016

Meal No. 1524: Brazilian Chicken with Coconut Milk

Last night's supper at the Roediger House was a one-bowl meal over rice: Brazilian chicken in a savory coconut milk sauce, with lots of tomato and onion. I'd say it was just okay...reasonably filling with perhaps a lot of potential, but nothing particularly compelling.

On another note, even though spring had supposedly arrived here in Winston, with lots of sunny days and warm temps, yesterday and last night told a different story.

It got down to around 30°F (and not as cold as the 26 that was forecast) and yesterday was pretty blustery as a cold front moved through. I snuck out this morning in the bright sunshine and snapped a few shots of the blooming azaleas and iris, which did not seem much worse for that chilly wear.

Line of azaleas along driveway

Great to see so many blooms-in-waiting!

Dianthus in front of the porch

Nicely blooming iris beside the back door

"Brazilian Chicken with Coconut Milk," from MLYIN. Published in AllRecipes Magazine, April/May 2016, p. 27.


Brad said...

You're right about this dish--I made it tonight, and it was just okay. I thought, based on the smells that I got while cooking it, that it would be delicious, and was disappointed...

Ray said...

That's a recipe that you and I can safely cast aside, methinks.