Thursday, February 18, 2016

Creamy Triple Lemon Pie

Over the weekend, I made a concerted effort to get caught up on quite a few lingering tasks...without getting to all of them, unfortunately.

But I also wanted to get at least one dessert made. My first choice wasn't doable because I'd let myself run out of cream cheese, somehow, so I made an alternative creation that was in the same vein: creamy triple lemon pie.

It's been quite a while since I made this, which means I'd not yet put together how close this is to the awesome Atlantic Beach Pie that is well-loved amongst the Roediger House patrons. The key difference here is the crust, made with lemon wafers, a bit of sugar, and some lemon zest. (Atlantic Beach Pie's unique flavor depends in no small measure on the use of pulverized Ritz crackers in its crust.)

I might have boosted the lemon flavor beyond the sweet-and-tart balance, but the crew on hand last Sunday night didn't seem to let that affect the speed or rate of consumption.

"Creamy Triple Lemon Pie," from Cuisine at Home, Issue 86 (April 2011), p. 36-37.

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